Afinety Cloud Platform on Amazon Web Services

When productivity, security, and scalability matter most to law firms, Amazon Web Services delivers.

AWS Select Consulting Partner

Why AWS for Law Firms?

When it comes to IT and your cloud desktop environment, we know that IT’s role is first and foremost to enable high productivity to your law firm. That’s why we offer the Afinety Cloud Platform on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Amazon enables law firms to scale and innovate more easily, making it the best choice for firms that seek a robust, flexible technology infrastructure that can support their needs today, their plans for tomorrow, and the uncertainties of our current environment.


With certified AWS specialists, Afinety manages critical legal applications and Microsoft applications on Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) to ensure you maintain the highest levels of performance and security. With our proven cloud expertise in deploying, operating, and maintaining Microsoft Windows servers on Amazon EC2, you can be sure to benefit from all the flexibility the cloud has to offer.

Benefits of Afinety Cloud Platform on AWS

From the applications you run to a deep understanding of law firm priorities, no one knows law firms better than we do.

Because we know law firms, we also know that no one can beat AWS at delivering our clients exactly what they need – everyday reliability, cost optimization, unparalleled security, and the agility to handle the unexpected.

Everyday Reliability

We’ve built in resilience and redundancy to ensure you don’t suffer from downtime. And with an isolated IT environment and resources dedicated to you, performance will never be an issue.

Cost Optimization

Pay for the resources and storage you use, when you actually use it, rather than pre-paying for capacity you may need a year from now. And those hefty capital purchases? A thing of the past.

World-Class Security

Your clients rely on your confidentiality. By capitalizing on the hundreds of millions of dollars that Amazon spends on security, you can be sure your client data is isolated and secure.

On-Demand Agility

From the ordinary (M&A) to the extraordinary (a global pandemic), your firm needs to be ready for what’s next. With Amazon on your side, you can easily adapt to changing environmental or business conditions on the fly.

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