Law Firm Transitions to Afinety’s Cloud Platform After Previous MSP Fails to Support Them

Denenberg Tuffley law firm was looking for a new IT partner that could offer improved security, speed, performance, and customer service.


Denenberg Tuffley (DT) is an American law firm specializing in property and energy subrogation cases. DT’s lawyers are highly mobile, with travel required for completion of much of their legal work. Firm administrator Terri Spitzig has a long history at DT. During her tenure, she has overseen deployment of many managed cloud-based desktop solutions since the firm bought its first one in 2008.


Recently, DT began to experience difficulties with its incumbent desktop technology provider. Spitzig notes, “Initially, we had chosen the provider because they offered very favorable pricing. However, we had horrific latency issues, with screens sometimes freezing for a minute or more. Performance problems were impacting many core processes including logging in, printing, bookkeeping, Microsoft Teams, and searching within the firm’s practice management software. You never expect the experience to be perfect, but there were entire days we could not work efficiently – it was ridiculous.”

Spitzig was in constant contact with the vendor to report and troubleshoot this barrage of concerning issues, but to no avail. “We were patient and tolerated a lot of down-time and frustration. Ultimately, we lost confidence in the vendor as they tried to place blame elsewhere. It became obvious to my team that they could not figure out how to solve our problems. We did not make the decision lightly, but we realized it was time to find another managed desktop provider.”

Finding Their New MSP Partner Afinety

As a veteran managed cloud-based desktop provider, Afinety has a 30-year track record in serving law firms. Spitzig was already familiar with several Afinety technical support and customer service professionals because they had serviced DT previously while working for other providers.

Afinety presented the right combination of improved security, speed, performance, and customer service. The company’s dedication to rigorous security controls was a crucial plus for DT. According to Spitzig, “Many law firms have experienced security breaches, ransomware, and hacking, so security was an important part of our decision-making process. Afinety is highly security conscious, so that was a point in their favor.” Afinety also demonstrated capabilities to provide much faster service with more up-time and excellent client service and technical support.


DT is now up and running on the Afinety platform and Spitzig was “shocked” at how smooth the transition was. She said, “Even our lawyers commented on how smooth the transition to Afinety was. With Afinety, it’s a whole different ballgame. Lawyers can get in and out of their software applications they need easily. Their system is so fast, and they fix our issues promptly. They have a great group of people and I feel we are all working toward the same goal. I love the honesty, transparency, and open communication we have from Afinety.  Successfully running a law firm is all about teamwork and I trust Afinety to be a valued part of our team.”

Afinety’s VP of Legal Services Ed Grubb remarks, “The partnership and collaboration we have with DT and Terri Spitzig represents the successful ideal that Afinety aims for – superior technology, great support, and open communication. Our experienced team was able to transition DT over to our platform smoothly so now the firm is fully operational and benefiting from many performance improvements and tighter security. We are proud of the work our people have accomplished for DT and are grateful for Terri’s extraordinary leadership which has made the working relationship flourish.”