Afinety and Business Continuity During COVID-19

Greetings clients and industry colleagues,

Earlier this year, I stepped into the role of CEO at Netgain, eager to work with this incredible company to achieve growth, positive change, and industry-leading technology. Of course, none of us could have seen the impact of COVID-19 that would come only a couple of months in.

As most businesses scramble adjusting to the new work/life environment, I’ve been incredibly impressed with how our team members have handled both their own transition to COVID-life and how they’ve stepped up and helped our clients, almost all of whom are essential workers.

We want businesses to know that we hear you, we see you, we understand the challenges you’re going through, and we are here to help you weather this storm.

Netgain serves the Healthcare and Financial Services markets, and through Afinety, the Legal market, and we see the impact, struggle, and dedication of these essential workers every day. We are grateful for them, and we promise we will continue serving you through this each day by providing a cloud-based workspace that is reliable, performant, secure, and optimized for remote access, allowing essential workers the ability to continue being productive and effective, anytime, anywhere.

How Afinety Can Help

This COVID change is difficult, but truly, we can lessen the burden. Our services offer benefits that have never been more needed than now.

  1. Remote access – Keep your employees productive at this most critical time.
  2. Scalable – Easily and affordably scale your IT environment based on your organization’s needs.
  3. Security – You have enough on your plate, let us ensure your employees are adequately protected from the growing threat of cyber-attacks.
  4. Fully-managed – We’re here to support you through this. Our talented team of cloud experts is ready and waiting to serve you and your team during this time – and always.
  5. Performance – No waiting on slowness or downtime, your employees need better given that they are connecting remotely. Our cloud solutions are optimized to perform across a broad spectrum of internet connections.

I want you to know, we’re not exploiting these benefits because of COVID. These have always been, and will always be, the benefits of Afinety’s cloud solutions.

Additionally, I want to provide a few resources for businesses that may help them navigate this ever-changing environment. While we cannot stay up to date on every program available, these resources do a great job of laying out the options.

Resources for Small Business

  1. COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan. (Application)
  2. SBA Paycheck Protection Program (Details)
  3. Unemployment Insurance Shared Work Program (Details)
  4. Federal Small Business Stimulus Aid Programs (Details)

Netgain and Afinety have a proven track record of unlocking the benefits of cloud-based IT solutions for Healthcare, Financial Services, and Legal organizations. Our team is second to none, and our process has been proven over two decades. Resilient IT infrastructure is more vital now than ever, and we’re ready to serve you.

For more information about making the cloud work for your organization, connect with one of our Cloud Experts at 818-708-8455 x3.

We’re in this together,

Sumeet Sabharwal
Netgain CEO


Afinety is a subsidiary of Netgain Technology, Inc.

PRESS RELEASE: Afinety Joins Forces With Netgain Technology To Expand Cloud Offerings And Expertise

Afinety positions to extend legal industry leadership and fund market penetration

Afinety, Inc. logoNetgain Technology: Secure. Specialized. IT. logo

Afinety Acquired By Netgain

Encino, Calif., August 1, 2018 – Afinety, Inc., a leading provider of cloud services and IT resources  to law firms was recently acquired by Netgain Technology, LLC.  Netgain, a leading provider of secure and specialized cloud services to highly regulated industries, continues its aggressive nationwide expansion with the acquisition of Afinety.

Founded in 1986, Afinety combined high-performance cloud solutions with superior customer service to build a strong and loyal client roster.  The Afinety Cloud Platform (“ACP”) is a rapidly growing, market-leading service that gives law firms cloud-based IT scalability, performance and security.

“Netgain is a great partner for us, we couldn’t be more excited to join the team,” said Doug Hafford, CEO of Afinety. “Netgain is dedicated to delivering high-performance, secure, cloud services to specialty vertical markets. Additionally, Netgain thrives on providing superior support to clients, so there was no question they were the right partners to help fuel our expansion in the legal services IT space.”

Afinety will leverage this transaction to extend market reach and penetration with legal practices nationwide while expanding product and service offerings for Afinety’s existing clientele.

“Afinety eliminates IT concerns for the legal practices it serves. The ACP service just works,” said Kevin Lynch, CEO at Netgain. “Afinety perfectly fit our strategy to offer purpose driven cloud services to compliance driven vertical industries in healthcare, financial services and now legal.”

Afinety will continue to operate out of the existing offices in Encino, California and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

This acquisition comes shortly after the recent acquisition by Netgain of iManaged Solutions, a cloud services provider in the optometry sector. Netgain continues to seek acquisition opportunities in IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) companies specializing in serving healthcare, RIA, CPA and legal industry verticals.

Netgain’s strategy is supported by Bluff Point Associates, a private equity firm focused on growth-stage investing in the healthcare and financial services IT space. This transaction represents the third opportunity on which Netgain’s management and Bluff Point have collaborated in the past two years.

The financial terms of the acquisition were undisclosed.

Madison Park Group acted as investment banking advisor to Netgain on this transaction. Afinety was represented by Reynolds Advisory Partners, a Los Angeles-based boutique investment bank.

About Netgain Technology, LLC

Netgain Technology, LLC, a secure and specialized cloud services and technology provider, was founded in 2000 and serves highly regulated mid-market organizations, nationwide. Netgain provides highly specialized services and solutions that simplify the cloud and take the pain out of IT so highly regulated organizations can worry less about the security and reliability of their IT and return their focus to growing their practices and firms. For more information, visit

About Afinety, Inc.

Since 1986, Afinety has been providing full range of IT services for small and medium size businesses. Specializing in law firms, Afinety services include cloud and on-premise networks, consultation, design, implementation, monitoring, system security, disaster recovery systems, training, macros and templates for law firms, anti-SPAM and virus screening, remote and onsite tech support and help desk services. Afinety’s business model is simple: Provide the best IT support and services with tested solutions that simply work. For more information, visit

About Bluff Point Associates

Bluff Point Associates is a private equity firm based in Westport, Conn. Bluff Point actively invests in information services companies supporting the banking, trust, securities, retirement and wealth management sectors of the financial services industry, as well as the healthcare information services sector. Bluff Point’s team collectively has decades of experience in recognizing a company’s growth potential and working with its management to reach that potential. For more information, visit

Afinety Wins Cloud Rainmaker Award From Ingram Micro

Phoenix, AZ, April 20, 2017– Afinety was awarded with the highly esteemed Cloud Rainmaker Award from Ingram Micro Cloud at the Ingram Micro International Cloud Conference.

Afinety’s partnership with Ingram Micro Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS) resulted in the migration of over 50 law firms to the cloud, including over 1300 Workspaces and over 225 Server Instances.  Company President and Partner Kevin J. McCarthy was on hand to accept the award for the top cloud reseller.

“Our partnership with Ingram Micro Cloud and AWS has enabled us to increase our cloud business and offer the finest, most secure cloud solution for law firms.  This partnership has been a key to our success in the cloud, and to our consistently positive client satisfaction results,” stated Kevin.


Kevin J. McCarthy accepts top cloud award from Ingram Micro

Kevin J. McCarthy, President and Partner of Afinety, accepts Cloud Rainmaker award from Ingram Micro


Afinety provides IT Services and Cloud Solutions specifically designed for Law Firms to succeed!  

Click here for more information about our awarding winning Afinety Cloud Platform.

IRS Tax Tip: Perform a Deep Security Scan of Your Computer Drives

2016 IRS Tax Tips

The Internal Revenue Service urges all tax return preparers to get off to a clean start and perform a security deep scan of their computer drives and devices.

Already in 2016, the IRS is seeing multiple email phishing scams – some posing as the IRS – targeting tax preparers. These scams are designed to steal sensitive information – either the preparers’ passwords for IRS accounts or sensitive taxpayer data stored on computers.

The IRS has teamed up with state revenue departments and the tax industry to make sure you understand the dangers to your personal and financial data. Taxes. Security. Together. We all have a role to play.

What should you do?  The IRS recommends all tax return preparers take the following steps immediately:

  1. Ensure that you and your employees have robust security software that helps block malware and viruses and that it remains turn on and active at all times.
  2. Use the “deep scan” function to fully scour all computer drives and files for any malware or viruses. These bugs can hide in places that a “quick scan” does not search. Perform a deep scan periodically.
  3. Ensure that your security software updates automatically so that it is always up-to-date and on-guard against new and emerging malware and viruses.
  4. Review the security plan for your office and operations. If you do not have a security plan, review a checklist suggested by Publication 4557, Safeguarding Taxpayer Data.
  5. Educate your employees about the dangers of phishing, malware, emails and other scams that could lead to malware/virus infections. One phishing email can result in all office computers being hacked for sensitive data.

Ensuring that your computer is free of malware/viruses will help prevent the spread of infections during the filing season when you are in contact with clients and others.

The IRS, states and tax industry have issued a series of Security Awareness Tax Tips for taxpayers. They also urge all tax preparers to share security awareness tips with taxpayers throughout the filing season. Preparers can print and share Publication 4524, Security Awareness for Taxpayers, to help clients take additional steps to protect their personal, financial and tax data online and at home.

For the full article and more IRS security tips, visit

For more information about identity theft and what you can do to help combat it, visit

Cloud Computing for Lawyers

Our everyday lives are touched by the cloud, including Google, Facebook, Amazon and a host of other ubiquitous services that we can’t seem to live without.   Cloud networks, cloud computing, cloud services, and hybrids that mix the best of both worlds have become mainstream for personal and business use.  This is  increasingly true for the law firms and law firm IT.  Here’s what you need to know to get the most of cloud computing applications, with an eye on ethics and client confidentiality.

Cloud computing, broadly defined, is a category of software and services delivered over the Internet rather than installed locally on a user’s computer. Cloud computing offers a variety of potential advantages, including

Low upfront costs.
Access from any device with an Internet connection.
Simple setup and configuration.
Built-in disaster preparedness.

Using cloud computing applications in your law firm practice can provide freedom and flexibility. For example, it removes the worry of losing a day of work for the small law firms, and it allows teams to collaborate efficiently at mid-size and large law firms.

From Law Technology Today.  For more information about cloud security and ethical considerations visit the full article at: