An Exciting Year Ahead for Afinety and Our Law Firm Clients



As we head into the middle of March, I’m struck by how quickly 2021 is progressing. Here at Afinety, we are also making concerted progress on several fronts. I want to take this opportunity to provide an update and share our plans for the future.

Over the past 30+ years, Afinety has been devoted to serving the IT needs of law firms. With the pivot to a cloud-enabled remote model and all the complexity and security issues this brings, we see an even bigger role for a managed services provider (MSP) such as ourselves to partner with law firms and deliver technology leadership and IT services that support their firm’s goals. As part of our 2021 plan, we are doubling down on our Legal business in a bigger way on a few different fronts.

In particular, we are executing against three key priorities:

  1. Expanding leadership as we build additional depth in the Legal vertical
  2. Elevating the client experience with greater emphasis on proactive engagement
  3. Enhancing our value proposition to further expand our security-related offerings and capabilities.

Here’s what that looks like in practice.

Building Additional Depth in the Legal Industry

As part of our investment in building depth and leadership, I am excited to announce that Ed Grubb has joined us as Vice President of our Legal practice. Since 1987, Ed has been a trusted adviser to small and mid-size law firms across the country, helping them select and implement technology solutions to address their business needs.

In addition to Ed, we’ve also brought on board several new team members in both client executive and technical roles, each with deep expertise in guiding law firms on how to best use technology strategically to increase agility, productivity, and growth.

These additions will supplement the dedicated existing team our clients are already familiar with to ensure that we continue to strengthen our legal offerings and evolve it in line with your future needs.

Elevating the Client Experience

Key and core to our value proposition is our ability to provide a great client experience. This year, we commit to not only continuing to improve that experience, but also to align it even more closely with your needs as a firm. We’ll be looking for opportunities to reduce friction in our clients’ daily experience, make it easier for them to connect with Support, and build new offerings and service additions that will provide value to their firms.

In addition to elevating your day-to-day client experience, as your technology partner, we see it as our responsibility to understand how law firms are using technology to become more agile, more profitable, and more productive. As a result, we are continually evaluating new and different technologies against our existing offerings to identify areas for improvement or for a stronger client experience.

Expanded Security Capabilities and Offerings

Given the sensitivity of the client data our clients engage with, we continue to take steps to enhance our security posture. As part of our continued commitment to drive a concerted focus on security, we are also hiring a Chief Information Security Officer and further expanding our Security Services function. This new executive-level role will be responsible for driving our security roadmap and priorities, guiding client-specific security initiatives, and managing key compliance obligations.

We expect to rollout additional security services in the weeks and months ahead and will be providing additional updates. In particular, you’ll be hearing about new security services that will offer elevated ransomware protection. This is in addition to our existing security offerings around email security, multi-factor authentication, and advanced security awareness training.

We’re committed to providing additional offerings this year in a number of areas – you can expect to see more exciting ways we can bring value to law firms.

Today and Beyond

We truly appreciate continued trust our clients place in us and will continue to work diligently to earn that trust and meet or exceed client expectations for our partnership.

We remain genuinely excited about the path ahead.

Sumeet Sabharwal