High Performing Cloud Infrastructure

High performance, the ability to access desktops from any location, and all other benefits of modern IT is rooted in infrastructure. You pay only for cloud services you actually need, helping you lower your operating costs, run more efficiently, and still have the ability to scale as your business needs change. 

Consider the worries of aging hardware and self-managed IT a thing of the past. Afinety Cloud Platform includes all the cloud infrastructure you need to run your firm with the flexibility to select private or public options to meet the demands of your firm’s IT needs. Both options are built for performance and security, and take advantage of all the benefits of modern cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Technology You Can Count On

Afinety Cloud Platform was designed specially for law firms as an all-inclusive cloud solution to maintain high levels of firm productivity.

All Inclusive

We cover everything your firm needs including dedicated servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, intelligence, and security.

Fully Managed

No more IT maintenance chores. We’ll handle the optimized setup through daily management.

Highly Available

Your firm can’t afford downtime. We keep services up and running for long periods of time and handle any issues quickly and efficiently.

Technology Foundation For The Future

Optimized Performance

Environments are customized to ensure your firm has the right amount of resources to support your users and applications.

Agile & Scalable

Scale cloud resources up or down for increased utilization or headcount as needed, enabling you to easily adapt to conditions as necessary.

Predictive Costs

No hidden surprises or unexpected budget breakers. Cloud services costs are readily available with tools to predict current and future costs.

Seamless Experience

Consistent access and performance of desktops and applications enabling multiple office locations, distributed teams, and remote environments.

Robust Cyber Security

Layered security framework to isolate and secure data, limit potential cybersecurity incidents, and help you meet compliance requirements.

Strong Disaster Recovery

Backup and disaster recovery plan options provide greater protection against unplanned events and reduce times to recovery.

Cloud Technology You Can Count On

The Afinety Cloud Platform is available on both public and private infrastructure to allow you to select the best option that fits your firm’s needs. We take a consultative approach prior to migration with each client to determine the most appropriate infrastructure that will suit their needs for today and into the future.

Amazon Web Services

No public infrastructure is better for law firms than AWS. With certified AWS experts, Afinety leverages scale, performance, innovation, and security to make it the premium choice for law firms.

  • Innovations & Future Planning
    Benefits from existing ecosystem and technology advancements coming from Amazon’s massive investments in the AWS infrastructure.
  • Dispersed & Redundant
    National network of data centers means you can ensure fast performance regardless of where your users are located.
  • Unparalleled Security
    Single-tenant security model of development isolates all environments from others, and includes continuous validation of layered security controls.
  • Elastic Disaster Recovery
    Time to recovery is reduced through native disaster recovery options to protect against unplanned events.

Private Data Center

Afinety’s private data center takes away the burden of law firms supporting their own on-premise data centers. Separate environments are protected by best-in-class firewalls by default with the ability to scale for additional resources.

  • Economic Advantages
    Greater pricing flexibility while maintaining performance and scalability.
  • Brand New Data Center
    Newly equipped and provisioned data center that has been architected for performance and security.
  • Next-Gen Protection
    Next generation firewalls included provide increased protection and security.
  • Assured Redundancy
    Backups are generated to multiple data centers and are triply replicated to minimize risk.

Committed to Your Security

Our security team is dedicated to tracking the latest cybersecurity threats and deploying evasive strategies to keep your data secure. We take on the responsibility of protecting your sensitive data. Each year, we go through rigorous, external security audits to ensure our physical environment, as well as our processes and procedures, are in line with what’s needed to protect our clients’ data. We are SSAE 18-certified and we constantly review the latest cybersecurity and compliance protocols.