Six Advantages of the Cloud for Law Firms



Law firms that utilize cloud-based IT solutions achieve the competitive edge of operating with more efficiency, flexibility, and speed. Here are six advantages firms have with cloud-based IT:

  1. Technology budget – Adopting cloud technology releases firms from capital expenditures of onsite servers, one-on-one technical support, and unpredictable technical burdens. As a result, cloud adoption provides firms with a clearer view into their annual IT spend.
  2. Remote work – Today law firms are tasked with the challenge of providing their end users with secure and flexible remote access to all their applications and files. With the cloud, firms can maintain client relationships and access all their information while working from any location.
  3. Security posture – Cloud providers offer a layered approach to security that utilizes best-of-breed tools and constant 24/7 monitoring to help prevent attacks and security breaches. Cloud provides firms the ability to leverage hardened enterprise data facilities that on-premises solutions cannot match.
  4. Automated updates – Cloud is always up to date. Upgrades are handled for firms automatically by their cloud provider so that your employees always have access to the latest functionality and security enhancements.
  5. Scalability on the fly – Cloud provides flexible storage and compute power on the fly, eliminating downtime or performance issues when firm activity increases. You can scale up or down simply and efficiently as the need arises.
  6. Support – Many cloud offerings cut down on support needs and requirements. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) no longer need to adopt custom on-premises solutions that require continuous one on one support.

Law firms that adopt cloud-based IT solutions allow their staff flexible access from anywhere that is secure, monetized, and supported 24/7. Simplify your IT to spend more time focusing on your clients and business goals. Learn how Afinety client Deasey, Mahoney & Valentini achieved success as early adopters of managed cloud-based desktop technology.