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From a technology perspective, the firm had been forward-thinking, having converted to a cloud-based hosted desktop back in 2016. However, the firm’s managed services provider, which supplied the firm’s hosted cloud-based desktop, was changing and deteriorating over time. [...]
Denenberg Tuffley’s lawyers are highly mobile, with travel required for completion of much of their legal work. Firm administrator Terri Spitzig has a long history at DT. During her tenure, she has overseen deployment of many managed cloud-based desktop solutions since the firm bought its first one in 2008. Recently, DT began to experience difficulties with its incumbent desktop technology provider. [...]
For years, the firm had been struggling with the burden of maintaining its own hardware and software infrastructure without the benefits of an in-house IT staff. The firm needed a more efficient, cost-effective way of managing the firm’s workload and technology stack. Fast-forward to the present-day, the cloud has paid off for the firm in a big way. [...]
we sat down with Steve Adnopoz, a public finance/municipal securities lawyer and partner at Pearlman & Miranda, LLC. We chatted with Steve about the role of IT within the firm, their decision to move to the cloud and the firm’s experience with Afinety as their cloud partner. [...]
The legal world has changed a lot over the years, notably in how legal professionals do their jobs and interact with clients. Cloud platforms have impacted virtually every industry and promise to bring a multitude of benefits to those that adopt the technology. The question for law firms is, how can they take advantage of the cloud in a secure, productive way? Law firm AlvaradoSmith experienced the viability and the power of the cloud first-hand. [...]
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