Kentucky Law Firm Found the Efficiencies and Service They Were Looking for with Afinety


Gwin Steinmetz & Baird, PLLC (GSB) is a civil litigation defense firm located in Louisville, Kentucky. GSB’s founding members built their careers as partners at a large multi-state law firm before coming together to create their boutique firm founded on one guiding principle: an unwavering commitment to client service.

Chris Mussler, the firm’s managing partner, was first introduced to Afinety Client Executive, Jonathan Harkins more than a decade ago. Mussler is responsible for technology procurements for the firm and is often approached by different vendors to change contractual relationships. Jonathan kept in touch over the years and once he joined Afinety, reconnected with GSB.

The Search for Efficiencies and Improved Client Services

Mussler was interested in Afinety’s virtual desktop, but it took some time for the cost to marry up to where it made the most sense to switch. Their infrastructure expenses had become the second largest line-item cost impacting their bottom line. On top of that, GSB’s relationship with their existing provider was nearing the end of their contract and the partnership was deteriorating. GSB values quality partnerships and expects their business partners to treat them the same way as the firm treats their clients. So, when their incumbent provider expanded their business model, they lost sight of what GSB’s business was and what their clients’ needs were.

GSB’s needs are not complicated – they don’t look for the bells and whistles in a solution. Rather, they were looking for a solution that was efficient and provided consistent remote connectivity. When the opportunity to switch presented itself, Mussler and the team at GSB were ready. “We found a kinship with Afinety in that they understood our culture, our staff, our needs, and could deliver a solution that was efficient and straightforward. Their people clearly hold themselves accountable and deliver remarkable support. I have a high level of trust and comfort with the Afinety team which sealed the deal for me,” said Mussler.

A Seamless Implementation with an Added Layer of Security

What impressed Mussler most with the implementation were the principles of the company who were involved in the process from start to finish. Mussler notes, “before implementation began, I was communicating with the top level of the company. They wanted to understand what my concerns might be, what it might take to switch and everyone on our side bought into that. I felt a good comfort level with the top executives at Afinety. They clearly wanted our business and see our partnership as a team approach which I appreciate.”

He goes on to share the experience of transitioning to Afinety’s solution, “The Afinety team provided a seamless transition for us in December 2022. Once we were up and running, there were a few minor glitches that were addressed immediately. We’re still not a 100% electronic firm; we have a hybrid environment. We do have some staff members who want to look at a piece of paper versus look at it on screen. We also added dual factor authentication to our process which the staff fussed about for a bit however they understand it is a layer of security that is critical for our protection,” said Mussler. “And when it came time for cyber insurance quotes, it was necessary as well.”

GSB staff noticed the switch to Afinety immediately – in a good way. It reminded everyone that the virtual environment is a better approach – especially for staff that are traveling, working from home, or wherever they may be. Remote access is a better experience and a better product. In addition, an ancillary benefit of streamlining the technology stack was the simplification of their client audit process.


Mussler remarks, “our partnership with Afinety is off to a great start. The personal touch relationship is something that I have enjoyed so far. We look forward to expanding GSB’s relationship with the expanded Afinety team. We are fans of Jonathan, and he is a major reason why we made the switch.”