Ensuring Future Growth and Security: Walsh McKean Furcolo LLP’s Seamless Switch to Afinety



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Walsh McKean Furcolo LLP is a distinguished law firm based in San Diego, California. Established in February 1996, the firm specializes in civil litigation, insurance defense, and insurance coverage.

The Search for a New Solution

Walsh McKean Furcolo LLP encountered critical issues with data storage and security. The firm was running out of space for its growing data needs, and their backups were due for renewal. Additionally, the existing system’s security measures were inadequate for their needs. Faced with these challenges, Laura Oakes, Office Administrator, began a search for a more reliable and secure managed services provider (MSP). 

Choosing Afinety

Laura first learned about Afinety through the San Diego Association of Legal Administrators (ALA). Afinety was highly recommended by several peers. Afinety’s reputation for excellent customer service and legal industry expertise made them stand out amongst their competitors. The endorsement from the ALA, coupled with positive reference calls and an impressive presentation by Afinety’s team, influenced the firm’s decision to switch providers.

A Successful Implementation and Transition

The implementation process was meticulously organized and executed. Laura praised the team’s detailed approach and systematic planning, which ensured a smooth transition. Regular meetings and comprehensive lists of tasks facilitated the process, minimizing disruptions. Despite initial concerns, the transition was seamless, with minimal issues reported by users.

Results and Benefits

Post-transition, Walsh McKean Furcolo LLP experienced several immediate benefits:

  • Enhanced Security: Afinety provided robust security measures, ensuring the firm’s data was well-protected.
  • Increased Storage Capacity: The new system effectively addressed the firm’s data storage issues, providing ample space for future growth.
  • Improved Accessibility: The ability to access systems from anywhere significantly improved operational efficiency, especially in a world increasingly reliant on remote work.
  • User Satisfaction: Employees reported easier access to systems without significant changes to their workflows. Despite concerns about dual passwords and authentication processes, the transition proved to be user-friendly.


The partnership with Afinety has proven to be a valuable investment for Walsh McKean Furcolo LLP. The firm’s transition was smooth and efficient, thanks to Afinety’s expertise and dedicated support team. Oakes remarks, “The transition to Afinety was quick, easy, and seamless. They have been great at supporting our entire team, and we are grateful for our partnership.” With Afinety’s support, Walsh McKean Furcolo LLP is well-equipped to handle future data and security needs, ensuring they can continue to provide top-tier legal services without technical disruptions. The successful partnership exemplifies the importance of choosing a knowledgeable and responsive MSP, especially in the legal industry.