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Designed to drive productivity, improve profitability, and deliver performance, our cloud-based legal IT solution was built with law firms in mind.

Devoted to the legal community. Entrusted by law firms.

Here at Afinety, we are motivated by one goal:

Help law firms drive profitability and growth through smart technology decisions


Since 1986, that’s exactly what we’ve been doing.

We understand law firms.

We’ve built our business by learning yours: your software applications, your processes, how your Partners prefer to work, and how you collaborate with your clients. As your technology partner, we’ll work to increase productivity, drive innovation, optimize for efficiency, and replace the “burden” of IT with strategic value.

We aren’t just an IT provider; we’re a part of your team…and just as committed to your success.

We know legal applications.

From managing application updates to knowing the size server a particular application needs to runs smoothly, our deep familiarity with legal and productivity applications means that you get better performance and less downtime.

Legal Applications

Our Credentials:

We’re committed to the legal community

As partners, we aren’t just committed to you, we’re committed to the community of legal professionals driving this industry forward. That’s why we’ve invested in several regional chapters of the Association of Legal Administrators.

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