How the cloud improves law firm productivity [Video]

The right tools can make all the difference when it comes to maximizing productivity and efficiency within a business. Law firms need a solution that provides tangible value to their jobs. The cloud can significantly improve productivity among legal practices.

Many professionals within the industry handle a lot of paper. This can be time-consuming as documents must be handed off, signed, returned and archived. Transferring so many times can result in errors and lost documents.

Cloud-based document management solutions, like iManage, offer a central repository for files that can be accessed anywhere at anytime. Employees can collaborate on cases and can even go paperless within the office, boosting productivity. Afinety, a Certified iManage Partner, can help you with all aspects of document management cloud solutions for your firm. Stay tuned to learn more about how the cloud can benefit your law firm.

How law firms can take advantage of the cloud [Video]

Technology offers exciting opportunities for law firms and legal practices. The cloud in particular has a number of potential benefits to offer this industry. Law firms can leverage the cloud for a variety of tasks.

A centralized file repository will be the biggest advantage of the cloud. Attorneys go to court and even meet their clients in other locations. The cloud ensures that these professionals are able to access important documents anywhere at any time and can support disaster recovery efforts.

Cloud solutions also allow the firm to collect and analyze data about its practice and staff for better decision-making. With a cloud-based solution from Afinety, law firms can take advantage of the technology while ensuring they comply with industry regulations. Stay tuned for more on how the cloud can benefit your legal practice.

Protect Your Law Firm From Cyber-security Threats

How To Minimize Cyber Security Threats To Law Firms

If you’re concerned about cyber-security threats, Multi-Factor Authentication is the answer.

Multi-Factor Authentication is an extra layer of security that authorizes network access via the user’s handheld device or a special USB key.
• At $5 per user per month, this low cost solution works on any cloud network or for users that log into your network remotely.
• How does it work? After an easy setup, the user will get a message on their handheld device when attempting a login. Simply tap “Authorize” and “Confirm” for the login to complete.
• This extra layer of security can meet the requirements of your clients’ requests, including financial institutions.
• Multi-Factor Authentication is the easiest, most cost-effective way to complete your security solution.

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Not running your network in the cloud yet? Watch this short VIDEO on Cloud Security for law firms.

Best qualities of a cloud provider [Video]

If you’re just getting started on your cloud journey, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Teaming up with the right provider is essential to ensure that you have someone looking out for the best interests of your law firm or legal practice. There are a few key qualities that a cloud provider should have.

First, it’s important that the vendor has a proven service track record. A guaranteed 99.999 percent uptime is the best possible rate and ensures continuous access to critical systems. The vendor should also provide 24/7/365 monitoring capabilities and multifactor authentication to prevent unauthorized users from accessing sensitive information.

Your cloud vendor should also be very experienced in the technology as well as your industry. Cloud-based solutions from Afinety are built with legal practices in mind to support compliance standards and necessary functions. Stay tuned to learn more about how cloud solutions can benefit your law firm.

Cloud can reduce shadow IT costs [Video]

When an IT team drags their feet on approving software or tools, employees may move to other options that are more convenient or valuable. This is known as shadow IT, and it’s on the rise across companies. However, the cloud can reduce shadow IT occurrences and costs.

By providing a cloud environment that ensures that end users get the applications and services for their jobs, they will be less likely to seek out alternatives. Involve employees to determine what their needs are and try out potential cloud options. This will help define requirements and necessary functionality.

With a cloud-based solution from Afinety, law firms can provide their professionals with the tools they need to perform their jobs effectively. Flexibility from a hybrid environment will provide the accessibility employees want while maintaining security and compliance standards. Stay tuned for more on how the cloud can benefit your legal practice.