What can the cloud do for law firms?



Legal firms are learning to love the cloud.

The cloud has forever changed the face of modern business. Quite literally every industry has begun to see the benefits of this disruptive technology. In fact, a survey from Spiceworks found that 93 percent of companies were relying on the cloud to provide at least one service. Clearly, enterprise IT has a lot to gain from the cloud.

However, certain law firms are still hesitant about making the switch. To that end, let’s discuss some benefits these organizations can see if they move to the cloud.

Increase disaster recovery responsiveness

“Legal matters are often very time sensitive.”

Legal matters are often very time-sensitive. This means that law firm employees need to have constant access to important documents in order to ensure clients are receiving the services they’ve paid for in a timely fashion. However, the sad reality is that catastrophe lurks around every corner. Whether it’s a fire that completely destroys your office or a flood that decimates your IT infrastructure, there’s always a chance that a disaster could dramatically affect your facility.

This is why keeping important information stored in the cloud is so important. To begin, cloud-based documents are stored in highly protected data centers that have all kinds of measures meant to mitigate the risk of disaster. On top of that, cloud providers often help you develop a disaster recovery plan, which maps out the data and applications you need brought back online first in the event of such a catastrophe.

Bring more focus to mobile solutions

Those working in the legal sector are often out of the office. Court dates, client meetings and a whole host of other tasks simply can’t be accomplished in-house, which means these employees are often relying on their smartphones in order to receive and send information pertinent to their current case. This is yet another area where the cloud flourishes.

Law firms can seriously benefit from cloud-based mobile solutions.

Working on a cloud-based platform allows employees the unique opportunity to access important information and applications regardless of where they are. This is good news, because many companies are deciding to use the cloud for its smartphone capabilities. In fact, Statista has predicted that cloud traffic related to mobile devices is going to take up 90 percent of worldwide mobile traffic by 2019. Clearly, those who don’t figure out a way to integrate mobile cloud solutions are going to be left behind.

You need to work with someone that knows the industry

That said, due to the unique challenges facing law firms, these institutions can’t just get into bsi old cloud provider. Those looking to see exactly what the cloud can do for their business should contact an Afinety representative today. Our years of experience can help ensure that your law firm gets the technological boost it needs.