East Coast Law Firm Finds the IT Support and Solution They Needed with Afinety

Chuck Ormsby, Partner at Semanoff Ormsby Greenberg & Torchia, LLC, says “Choosing Afinety was one of the best business decisions we have recently made.”


Semanoff Ormsby Greenberg & Torchia (SOGT), based out of Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, LLC, serves as outside general counsel for many middle market companies, startups, and non-profit organizations. In addition, the firm provides niche services to multinational companies and offers general legal advice to their many longstanding business clients. 


Semanoff Ormsby Greenberg & Torchia was an early adopter of managed services providers and hosted desktops, starting about 20 years ago. Chuck Ormsby, one of their partners, was initially introduced to the idea of a hosted desktop solution while attending a technology session at the Philadelphia Bar Association hosted by Network Alternatives. He developed a great rapport with Network Alternatives, and it was a great solution compared to what they were doing before.

The Search for an Improved Solution

Network Alternatives was then acquired, and the technology continued to evolve after that. SOGT eventually found themselves looking for their next great partnership because they started to experience problems with their support team and account manager being non-responsive, and these issues were increasing in frequency and intensity. That’s what prompted Ormsby to look around and begin evaluating several different companies and solutions.

“We had gotten quite far down the road with one provider and had decided to move forward with them. However, as we were starting the implementation process, we noticed some red flags which caused us to pause,” said Ormsby. “A consultant we were working with at the time suggested we speak with Afinety. Afinety had hired Ed Grubb as Vice President of Legal Services. Ed founded Network Alternatives and had recently joined Afinety. We already knew Ed and had a strong comfort level with him and his great team, some of whom he had also brought on board at Afinety. As we spoke with Ed, we realized that Afinety would be a better choice for us than the company we had initially selected.”

Why Afinety?

Ormsby then had his team meet with Afinety’s technical team, understanding that they were the key to ensuring a smooth implementation. He found Afinety’s technology and hosted desktop solution to be outstanding, and their team of experts were excellent. Ormsby decided to move forward with Afinety rather than the other provider, knowing that not only was Afinety going to be a great solution for his firm, but also the firm would get great service.

A Successful Transition

Ormsby notes, “The Afinety implementation was seamless, and the team worked really hard. It went very, very well. There are always going to be some bumps along the way, but we really had very few complaints. Having that longstanding personal relationship with Ed made a big difference for me because I really trust him. He and his team delivered a great solution for our firm. Afinety was able to transition us to the new system during the course of a weekend.”  

The attorneys and staff responded well to the transition to Afinety’s integrated desktop technology. When they logged on, they saw all the applications they were familiar with, including email, document management, word processing, Zoom, and more. There was virtually no learning curve or need for training.  


Ormsby remarks, “Choosing Afinety was one of the best business decisions we have recently made. From dollars and cents to technology to the partner relationship, Afinety has it all. They are equipped with support from technical experts 24/7 and they have been extremely attentive and responsive. Their customer care is superior. If we ever have an issue or question, we get a correction or answer very quickly. Working with Afinety is easy and they are very accommodating. We think very highly of Afinety, and it’s refreshing to feel that way about a service provider.”