Security Considerations When Moving To The Cloud [Video]

Law Office Cyber Security On The Cloud_Afinety

Cyber Security For Law Practices On The Cloud

Law firms are increasingly looking to move to the cloud to reap its benefits and improve operations. While this technology has competitive advantages, legal practices must factor in protection capabilities. There are a few security considerations lawyers should think about when moving to the cloud.

Confidentiality is a major part of legal practices. This means that any client information must be protected according to compliance and security standards to prevent it being compromised in a breach. Encryption, intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning and two-factor authentication can help deter data loss.

Teaming up with a capable cloud provider that understands your industry will help implement the protection and features that your law firm needs. Afinety is well-versed in pain points and compliance needs within the law industry, ensuring your cloud environment will be configured to your team. Stay tuned for more information on the cloud with Afinety.