Overcoming Modern Cloud Challenges [Video]



Law Firm cloud challenges have dissipated and cyber security has enhanced_Afinety Cloud Platform

How Law Practices Can Manage Today’s Cloud Challenges

Challenges associated with the cloud today are not the same as what they were a decade ago. Security has advanced to the point where it’s better than the majority of in-house capabilities. Other challenges have dissipated as organizations have gained more experience working with the technology.

While businesses are starting to realize cloud benefits, four out of five companies aren’t getting the most out of their cloud investments, according to a Fugue survey. Organizations must pivot their focus to combating modern cloud challenges and using it effectively.

Many cloud challenges now revolve around inadequate planning, processes and people. To make sure the cloud brings value, create a comprehensive plan and implement the right procedures for agile operation. To find out more about overcoming modern cloud challenges, stay tuned with Afinety.