Outdated technology is costing your law firm



Law firms are busy places that rely on efficient technology to run smoothly_Afinety, Inc.

Law Practice Financial Loss Due To Outdated Technology

Law firms are busy places that rely on efficient technology to run smoothly. When you’re unable to access necessary files in a timely manner, or outdated systems are threatening the safety of your client’s personal information, it may be time to evaluate what your firm needs. Employees don’t want to have to navigate technological limitations on top of their daily caseload.

Spending more time handling technological difficulties impacts your firm’s ability to maintain productivity, and leaves you trailing behind as other firms adapt to the evolving landscape of new tech. Forbes adds that there’s also the added threat of data loss, cyberattacks, data security and limited tech support that can impact your firm. Here are five signs your law firm’s technology is outdated, and how you can adapt:

Your hardware is more than 5 years old

PCs, servers and network equipment typically can last a long time, but equipment that has aged past its warranty date may leave your firm’s data at risk, especially if the hardware is no longer supported by the vendor. Other than the security risk, equipment failing is more likely as it ages — putting more obstacles in your workday. Be aware of how long hardware has been in place, and keep track of how long warranties last. Using older hardware may also limit your ability to upgrade the software you use, potentially putting you behind competitors.

You have a lot of file cabinets

Possessing a secure computer system, complete with desktop scanners and document managing software should eliminate your need for boxes of paper storage, says Law Technology Today. You should be able to encrypt current files quickly for future reference. If your current technology isn’t up to the task, it may be time to update to stay modern. Think of all the potential floor space once you eliminate paper documents.

Possessing a secure computer system, complete with desktop scanners and document managing software should eliminate your need for boxes of paper storage.

It takes extra time to help clients

If your tech is holding you back, that’s a sign it’s time to upgrade. If you cannot effectively access information, then your technology is not doing its job. After all, it should be making your life easier and faster. If your outdated tech isn’t any faster than physically sifting through documents in a back room, that’s a bad sign. Staying updated will allow you to respond to clients’ needs and demands in a much more timely manner, and will reflect more positively on your firm.

Your work is inefficient

This may be more subtle to notice, but if your employees are overloaded with tedious paperwork and inefficient process that could be streamlined through automation and updated software — they might be losing precious time. Large inboxes of papers that can be scanned and stored on the cloud, or automated billing, are both examples of increasing productivity with technology.

It’s impacting your employees

Talk to your employees and touch base with their experiences. They’re the ones dealing with the computer network every day, and various other tools (like monitors, printers, etc.) and they’ll be able to enlighten you to any existing problems you’re unaware of. You may even discover that employees prefer to use their own devices over what is available to them in the office. Hear what your employees have to say about the technology in the office, and what they’d like to see for improvements. With this insight, create a standard for the firm and work to bring in technology that will put them all on the same page. Investing in technology may seem expensive, but by increasing productivity and decreasing downtime, it may save you money in the long run.
Up-to-date technology can be influential in your firm’s organization processes, as well as securing your data against breaches. Many law firms are moving toward utilizing cloud software to keep their systems modern and protected. Afinety Cloud Software is made for law firms, by law firm IT experts and offers unlimited support. Moving your firm towards the cloud may be one beneficial step in the process of upgrading your technology.