Managing A Law Firm Remotely

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Remotely Operate A Law Practice Successfully

The onset of the COVID-19 virus brought with it a period of confusion and difficulty in the business world. Precautionary measures imposed by governments now require professionals in many industries to work from home. While those practicing law are more readily equipped to handle a shift to full-time remote work than professionals in other fields, especially when they employ the use of cloud computing to store, distribute and share their files, the process can still be difficult.

If you are in a managerial position at a law firm and struggling with the transition to remote work, this guide could be helpful. This article will cover strategies and tools that can aide in successfully overseeing a firm under these unique circumstances.

Remotely Operate A Law Practice Successfully blog image_Afinety, Inc.Leadership is a crucial role in times of transition.

Set clear goals and objectives

Structure is important during times of uncertainty. Establishing realistic expectations with clients and setting remote work procedures with staff is key to ensuring the remote model works successfully for your firm. Identify, write and distribute best practices material to make sure everyone is on the same page and stays on track.

Equip your staff for remote work

Cloud technology can be one of the most crucial tools when it comes to functioning on primarily remote work as a law firm. Your attorneys and other staff need constant access to case files and documents, from wherever they happen to be located. Encrypted data helps ensure the safety and the accessibility of your clients’ information. The Afinety Cloud Platform was developed to cater to the need of lawyers and law firms. With capabilities and support for apps like iManage, ProLaw, TABS3, Worldox, TimeMatters and more, Afinety offers lawyers complete liberation from the physical office and eliminates the need for onsite servers and maintenance – even after the quarantine and social distancing period caused by COVID-19 has passed.

It’s your responsibility as management to make sure everyone on your staff, including attorneys, paralegals and office management staff has access to a computer and an internet and cellular connection from their home.

Keep track of productivity

Create a regular schedule of meetings with members of your team to keep track of their daily tasks. National Law Review suggests you discuss the prioritization of certain tasks, cases and projects above others to ensure your most pressing work is completed in a timely manner.

Maintain client relations

Due to quarantine and social distancing mandates following the spread of the coronavirus, your firm will be unable to hold in-person meetings with clients, according to The National Law Review. Rather than canceling them, transition those meetings to phone and video conferences. Email, text, and instant messaging can be used to remind staff and clients alike of upcoming trial dates, mediations and document signings.

For more guidance on increasing the productivity of your law firm or practice during this confusing time, you can depend on Afinety. Not only is our cloud platform specifically designed to support lawyers, but we also offer resources to help them succeed. Contact us today to learn more.