Make Sure Your Firm’s Cybersecurity Insurance Policy Stays Active—and Enforceable

Cybersecurity breaches have become an all-too-common occurrence at all types of businesses, including law firms. Many firms have cybersecurity insurance, but they don’t realize they can lose their policy if they do not maintain compliance with its requirements.

How can you ensure your firm’s cybersecurity insurance doesn’t lapse? Our CISO, Kshitiij Kathurria, shares 10 ways in his ALA Legal Management magazine feature:

1. Understand the Firm’s Technology Infrastructure
2. Conduct a Risk Assessment
3. Devise a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Strategy
4. Develop an Incident Response Plan
5. Train Staff to Build Security Awareness
6. Ensure Use of Modern Malware Defense Tools
7. Rigorously Adhere to Penetration Testing Schedules
8. Encryption Across the Board
9. Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)
10. Establish Privileged Access Management and Role-based Access Control

By following the 10 steps above, legal administrators can help their firms ward off cybersecurity risks and ensure their cybersecurity insurance policies are active and enforceable.

Read the full article and stay ahead of your firm’s cybersecurity insurance: