Microsoft Licensing Changes FAQs

If I Choose An Annual License, Do I Still Pay Monthly?

Yes, Microsoft allows for an annual license commitment but monthly payments. As those are included in your service, we will pay them monthly.

If I Choose Annual Licensing And My Staff Reduces, Do I Still Pay For Them?

Yes, it is an annual license commitment. For example, if you have 40 employees now but reduce to 35 employees, you still will be paying for those additional 5 licenses that would not currently be used. As you replace those employees, you will have licenses to use.

Do I Get To Reset The Count Annually?

Yes, as the annual license expires, you can adjust the license volume. When a subscription ends, you currently have 7 days to change the subscription, or it will renew as is.

What Happens When I Add An Employee Mid-Year?

Those additional annual licenses will co-terminate with your base license counts and expire together.

If I Choose Monthly Licensing, Is The Additional 20% Cost Uplift Every Month?

Yes, that additional 20% is charged monthly on those licenses.

Can I Later Switch From Monthly To Annual?

Yes, you can.

Will Afinety Help Me Decide On Which Is Best For My Firm?

Yes, please contact us and we can answer additional questions.