How Cloud Technology Can Make Your Firm More Efficient

How Cloud Technology Can Make Your Firm More Efficient_blog image_Afinety, Inc

Legal professionals are always busy with time-sensitive work for their clients. In a fast-paced industry, any time saved is valuable. Here’s a guide to how you can make your firm more efficient using cloud technology:

Law practice benefits in moving to the cloud

The leap from traditional filing systems to cloud technology can seem large and daunting, but with a proper plan of action in place, it can greatly improve your firm’s operations without interrupting workflow during the implementation process.

Increase your law firm’s efficiency

There are multiple ways cloud technology can make your firm’s operations simpler and faster. CISCO found in a survey that companies which invest in collaborative technology saw productivity increases of up to 400%. This spike can be attributed to the ready availability of files.

When data is stored in the cloud, it can be accessed from anywhere. This allows employees to conduct business from the office, the road and their homes with the same resources. The firm also saves time with reduced and often fully eliminated need to email documents between coworkers. People can act on issues and assignments instantly with all the materials they need just a click away. This means firms with cloud technology can capitalize on opportunities more quickly than those without, winning business and pulling ahead of competitors. This is a key advantage for smaller firms and independent practices.

TechNative reported on the changing psychology of the workplace, noting this new “gig economy” of freelancers and startups who don’t need large office spaces or storage facilities has created a new era of working. While change can be scary, it’s not always bad: TechNative found employees who actively seek out the flexibility the cloud can provide have better relationships with their supervisors and an increased feeling of satisfaction. A stronger sense of trust is established when employers know the work will get done regardless of an employee’s physical location.

Cloud technology also streamlines communication. Using a single system for phone, messaging, conferencing and scheduling helps everyone stay on the same page and reduces the natural human errors that come with needing to manually loop people in. Some cloud platforms even have workflow management systems built in, according to

Cloud technology makes analyzing big data easier, an advantage especially relevant to big firms hoping to sort through large masses of data.

Law practice benefits in moving to the cloud_cash image_Afinety, Inc.Cloud technology doesn’t just improve efficiency of operations.

Save your firm time and money

When it comes to practicing law, time is money. And cloud technology can save your firm a significant amount of both.

The cloud eliminates the need for an in-house IT team. Outsourcing your operational IT work means an outside provider like Afinety can handle all updates, security and maintenance needs for the system, saving you both the trouble and the manpower needed to do it yourself. Your energy is better spent elsewhere.

Other benefits of cloud technology 

Cloud technology can also assist Human Resources in their daily tasks. It can be used to file and share hiring documents, CVs and personal details, tax forms, payroll information, and more.

Apart from the increased efficiency which comes with the adoption of cloud technology, there is another reason you should consider it: everyone’s doing it. Your firm must adapt to survive in the ever-evolving business market. Contact Afinety to see how our cloud platform can serve the needs of your firm.