How Afinety’s Services Can Be an Asset in These Times and the Future

Afinety offers the solutions that make working from home extraordinarily convenient.

Whoever said, “May you live in interesting times” couldn’t have possibly imagined the “times” that we all are now experiencing to one degree or another.

While the massive shutdowns that led to millions of job losses and thousands of business closures have largely come and gone since coronavirus first made its presence known, the “new normal” largely persists, particularly in portions of the country that were once hot spots. Indeed, many businesses – inside and outside the legal industry – continue to encourage employees to work from home and to practice social distancing, as recommended by health experts. Gathering places, fearing the sudden spike in infections and cases as a result of the phased lift in restrictions, are operating well short of 100% capacity. These include movie theaters and restaurants – 44% of Americans ordered takeout in the second full week of May, up from 26% back in late March, according to a Gallup survey –  but also law schools, courtrooms and law firms of all sizes.

Were it not for the cloud, it’s hard to fathom just how difficult it would be to get work accomplished.

The past few months have been inconvenient to the extreme, but you and your firm can help to enhance simplicity and expedience with Afinety – a trusted partner for your practice. Here are some of the services that are available by choosing us for IT support and cloud networking:

Unparalleled law office network security
Cybercriminals never fail to take advantage of openings; they’re constantly looking for vulnerabilities that they can exploit. They’ve dialed up their efforts over the last couple of months in response to the surge in web traffic. Indeed, according to survey research conducted by (ISC)2, nearly 1 in 4 organizations said they’ve encountered a surge in cybersecurity incidents since more staff have started working from home.

“Afinety specializes in network

security that is designed to keep your firm effectively protected.”

Afinety specializes in network security with a wide array of complementary tools and resources that help to keep your firm – and its team of partners or associates – effectively protected. These include managed firewalls, multifactor authentication, licensing verification, automatic system updates, and spam filtering.

Support to prevent downtime
It’s safe to say that there is no good time for downtime. These days, however, it’s occurrence is particularly vexing, as many companies are operating with skeleton crews due to layoffs, furloughs, or health concerns that have workers sidelined. Afinety provides onsite and remote support to handle all your network management needs. These all-inclusive, enterprise-quality network monitoring solutions are big on delivery, but small on price.

We understand the social distancing rules that are in effect, which may prevent us from being on-site. However, most network and server issues are the kind that can be readily recognized and seamlessly fixed from where we are so you can get things back up and running where you are.

Works off of AWS
The Afinety Cloud Platform is built upon Amazon Web Services, or AWS. Not only is AWS one of the largest public cloud platforms in the world, but it’s also highly flexible. You can thus easily deploy applications, retrieve data, and maximize productivity, all within an extremely reliable cloud environment.  With data encryption in transit and at rest, automatic backups and multifactor authentication, your firm’s security needs are covered so you can focus on your business.

Streamlined email and document management
A law firm is composed of many working parts, but to maximize efficiency and delivery to high expectation clients, it has to operate as one. This has been complicated by COVID-19, as individuals who might normally all be under one roof are off-site.

iManage Work can help to minimize relocation complications by integrating with the Afinety Cloud Platform and Office 365 so that documents, emails, notes, and pleadings can be shared and stored efficiently in a paper-free format. As a certified iManage partner for approximately 25 years, we at Afinety can promise you successful implementation by deploying our IT team and their migration, configuration and training capabilities.

These are highly uncertain times, but Afinety can help you plan and implement the responsive cloud solutions that are needed for ongoing success. Please contact us today to learn more.