Legacy IT Networks Are Holding Back Cloud Adoption For Attorneys [Video]

As more and more companies undertake an almost mandatory digital transformation, the act of moving critical workloads to the cloud is being held up by legacy IT infrastructure.

Legacy IT Network Slows Successful Cloud Integration

A recent survey of over 1,000 IT decision makers by application performance provider Riverbed found that 91 percent of respondents said that they were struggling to implement a cloud strategy, citing legacy networks as a barrier to success. According to the survey, 85 percent of decision makers believed they were several years away from a successful migration, with six out of 10 claiming that their on-site IT infrastructure has a negative impact on their business several times a week.

Despite these apparent roadblocks, the cloud services market has shown year-on-year growth of around 31 percent in the last 12 months, a Gartner Research report said.

As you would expect from an IT sector that is dominated by tech behemoths, Amazon is the clear leader with a 44.2 percent share of the cloud provider market. Gartner said that cloud adoption and application migrations are being driven by specific business initiatives and requirements, such as improved encryption techniques and a more agile way of working.

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Signs You Should Move Your Law Firm To The Cloud [Video]


When To Upgrade Your Law Practice To The Cloud

Adopting new technology takes time and effort to accomplish. There are several signs that you should move your law firm to the cloud now to reap the benefits.

If lawyers in the practice are looking for mobile and remote work opportunities, it’s time to implement the cloud. Attorneys don’t just operate from their desks anymore, and the cloud provides the functionality they require while offering cost savings for the firm.

If staff are using outdated systems and stacks of paper are floating around the office, the cloud can solve these issues. AWS platforms offer a secure solution to store sensitive case files, and pushes out regular updates to ensure that lawyers are using the best features. For more information on when to make your transition to the cloud, contact Afinety today.

Why Law Firms Need The Cloud [Video]

Cloud’s Journey To A Necessity

Cloud environments have evolved from an ambiguous entity to an asset that businesses can’t go without. Let’s take a closer look at the cloud’s journey to becoming a necessity.

Even as recently as three years ago, people feared the cloud due to security concerns and migration challenges. This most likely stemmed from a lack of expertise and planning needed to make these efforts successful. As a result, many organizations decided to wait out the trend.

The cloud is now an absolute necessity, forcing late adopters to play catchup. Value offered by the cloud has been proven many times over, and its advanced security capabilities make it a viable business tool. To learn more about why the cloud is such an asset, stay tuned with Afinety.

3 Cloud Vendor Considerations [Video]

How To Choose The Best Cloud Vendor For Your Law Firm

The cloud is essential to an organization’s operations, but the solution is only as good as the vendor supporting it. Not all cloud providers are equal, and there are a few critical considerations to make before choosing a vendor:

First of all, the vendor should be a partner and actively support business objectives. This means tracking uptime levels and quickly provisioning necessary features. Secondly, the provider should follow the same security protocols that would be expected in-house, adhering to compliance requirements.

Lastly, it will be important to review the vendor’s track record of serving similar businesses within your industry. This will help narrow down the choice to a provider that understands your pain points and how to solve them. For more information on cloud vendor considerations, contact Afinety today.

How To Ensure Network Security [Video]

Proven Solutions To Ensure Law Practice Network Security

Business networks are a critical gateway to sensitive data and resources. Networks are necessary to operations, but leaving them unsecured can lead to breaches, lost data and costly downtime if a malicious party attains unauthorized access. Fortunately, organizations can ensure network security with some proven solutions.

By turning to a secure cloud network, businesses can avoid some of the most common issues caused by aging on-premises networks, such as expired antivirus licenses, outdated firewalls and old servers. Cloud providers are implementing security measures that rise far above even the best in-house environments.

Another way to ensure security is by implementing multifactor authentication. When staff try to log into your network, they will receive a confirmation on their mobile device or use a USB token to complete the log-in process. This effectively authenticates each user and prevents outsiders from accessing critical documents and data.

A true cloud network has built in features that keeps data safe and, in most instances, costs less than maintaining an existing onsite network. For more information on ensuring network security contact Afinety today.

Solid Reasons To Move Legal Practices To The Cloud [Video]

Why Law Firms Need The Cloud

Cloud technology has had an impact on nearly every industry and is becoming a necessity for modern organizations. Law firms are also being pressured to make digital moves, and there are a few solid reasons to move your legal practice to the cloud:

Accessibility will be the biggest advantage from the cloud. Lawyers can easily review documents on the road or retrieve information in court. This will also be a major boon for disaster recovery efforts to ensure that files are still available.

Cloud platforms are also managed by vendors, eliminating hardware and maintenance costs. Providers monitor the environment and implement quality security measures to address compliance requirements. For more information on why law firms will do well in the cloud, contact Afinety today.

Why Law Firm Cloud Isn’t Just The future, It’s Now [Video]

Cloud Networks Are Necessary For Law Firm Efficiency & Cost Management 

Cloud platforms have shifted from a nice asset to have to an absolutely essential player in business operations. Organizations can no longer afford to think of the cloud as a future investment – it’s making waves now and will shape the future of how we work.

Company leaders are increasingly recognizing the value that cloud can bring. Nearly a third are working with four or more vendors to have options necessary to support different applications and workloads. Organizations must seek out the best solutions to alleviate their pain points and maintain compliance.

The cloud’s benefits have been proven time and again. Continual innovation, speed boosts, application resiliency and better cost management are major values. To learn more about why now is the best time for law firms to migrate to the cloud, contact Afinety today.

How Law Firms Manage Cloud Costs [Video]


Law Practices Manage Cloud Costs Based On Its Requirements

Your cloud environment might only be priced for your current needs. As your requirements shift, provisioning and services might become more expensive than you expected. However, there are a few steps you can take to manage your cloud costs.

The biggest step you can take is to choose a vendor with a pay-as-you-go pricing model. This means that you’ll only pay for what you use, but it will require a higher degree of vigilance to control your expenses. Watching your asset use and ROI will help avoid sticker shock and implement only the best solutions.

Align yourself with a vendor that understands your unique pain points. At Afinety, we help design cloud environments for law firms that will save costs and yield other benefits. For more information on managing cloud costs, contact Afinety today.

Considerations For Your Cloud Environment [Video]


Things To Consider To Implement The Appropriate Cloud Network

Investing in the cloud and configuring it to your particular needs takes a lot of planning. The wrong service could prevent you from getting the benefits that you expect. There are a few considerations you should make for your cloud environment.

First of all, you need to ensure that your critical applications will migrate easily. Identifying any dependencies within these systems will prevent unplanned outages and preserve the functionality of your assets.

You must also verify that your cloud environment is secure. Team up with a vendor that understands your pain points and has a track record of serving other organizations within your industry. Choosing the right provider will ensure protection in the cloud as well as compliance. Stay tuned with Afinety to learn more about why your law firm should choose the cloud.

Protect Your Law Firm From Cyber-security Threats

How To Minimize Cyber Security Threats To Law Firms

If you’re concerned about cyber-security threats, Multi-Factor Authentication is the answer.

Multi-Factor Authentication is an extra layer of security that authorizes network access via the user’s handheld device or a special USB key.
• At $5 per user per month, this low cost solution works on any cloud network or for users that log into your network remotely.
• How does it work? After an easy setup, the user will get a message on their handheld device when attempting a login. Simply tap “Authorize” and “Confirm” for the login to complete.
• This extra layer of security can meet the requirements of your clients’ requests, including financial institutions.
• Multi-Factor Authentication is the easiest, most cost-effective way to complete your security solution.

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Not running your network in the cloud yet? Watch this short VIDEO on Cloud Security for law firms.