3 Cloud Vendor Considerations [Video]

How To Choose The Best Cloud Vendor For Your Law Firm

The cloud is essential to an organization’s operations, but the solution is only as good as the vendor supporting it. Not all cloud providers are equal, and there are a few critical considerations to make before choosing a vendor:

First of all, the vendor should be a partner and actively support business objectives. This means tracking uptime levels and quickly provisioning necessary features. Secondly, the provider should follow the same security protocols that would be expected in-house, adhering to compliance requirements.

Lastly, it will be important to review the vendor’s track record of serving similar businesses within your industry. This will help narrow down the choice to a provider that understands your pain points and how to solve them. For more information on cloud vendor considerations, contact Afinety today.

How To Ensure Network Security [Video]

Proven Solutions To Ensure Law Practice Network Security

Business networks are a critical gateway to sensitive data and resources. Networks are necessary to operations, but leaving them unsecured can lead to breaches, lost data and costly downtime if a malicious party attains unauthorized access. Fortunately, organizations can ensure network security with some proven solutions.

By turning to a secure cloud network, businesses can avoid some of the most common issues caused by aging on-premises networks, such as expired antivirus licenses, outdated firewalls and old servers. Cloud providers are implementing security measures that rise far above even the best in-house environments.

Another way to ensure security is by implementing multifactor authentication. When staff try to log into your network, they will receive a confirmation on their mobile device or use a USB token to complete the log-in process. This effectively authenticates each user and prevents outsiders from accessing critical documents and data.

A true cloud network has built in features that keeps data safe and, in most instances, costs less than maintaining an existing onsite network. For more information on ensuring network security contact Afinety today.

Solid Reasons To Move Legal Practices To The Cloud [Video]

Why Law Firms Need The Cloud

Cloud technology has had an impact on nearly every industry and is becoming a necessity for modern organizations. Law firms are also being pressured to make digital moves, and there are a few solid reasons to move your legal practice to the cloud:

Accessibility will be the biggest advantage from the cloud. Lawyers can easily review documents on the road or retrieve information in court. This will also be a major boon for disaster recovery efforts to ensure that files are still available.

Cloud platforms are also managed by vendors, eliminating hardware and maintenance costs. Providers monitor the environment and implement quality security measures to address compliance requirements. For more information on why law firms will do well in the cloud, contact Afinety today.