Experts In Law Firm Technology


Afinety has serviced the legal community since 1986. More than 90% of our clients are law firms including 300 + clients and 7,000 + users.


Our deep understanding of this industry and our best of breed partner affiliations allow us to provide our clients with a complete, proven solution for just about any need, including Cloud and On Premises networks.

Why Afinety?

Cloud Services for Law Firms – Your entire network, including legal specific programs such as iManage, ProLaw and Worldox will run safely and securely in Afinety’s Cloud Platform. Save your documents directly into the ACP network and access your work anytime, anywhere.

Afinety Testing & Monitoring – Afinety is the only legal specific IT company with a complete testing facility dedicated to evaluation, integration and comprehensive testing of legal and commercial applications used in law firms.

Known Working Standards – Afinety network solutions have already been fully tested and certified BEFORE they arrive at your firm. We do not rely on individuals, no matter how talented, but rather a set of Known Working Standards tested and proven to provide smooth operation day in and day out.

Focus on Law Firms – We focus on providing the highest possible quality IT solutions available specifically for law firms. No other IT company can bring to bear the expertise, knowledge of the industry and proven working standards approach to your firm’s needs.

Partnerships – Strong partner relationships with such vendors at HP, Microsoft, Symantec and many other industry leaders as well as legal specific vendors such as ProLaw, iManage and Workshare mean that Afinety brings not only its own expertise and experience to bear, but also those of industry leaders.

Cost Savings – We help our clients control costs in two key areas: User productivity and IT support. If you don’t have to call your IT vendor for help, your users are working and you are not paying high IT support bills.

Results – The result is a network specifically designed for your law firm that runs smoothly. Users are productive all day long and have complete confidence in the firm’s IT solution, all while paying less over time than any other provider.