Client Video: Steve Adnopoz, Partner at Pearlman Miranda

Client Interview

Steve Adnopoz, Partner at Pearlman & Miranda

In this short video, Steve discusses their move to managed cloud IT and the benefits they’ve experienced as a result.

Video Transcript:

The security, the reliability of the system, and the top level support from Afinety, I think puts us on a par with a much larger firm or enterprise.

I’m Steve Adnopoz. I’m a partner with Pearlman & Miranda, and I am a Public Finance Municipal Securities lawyer.

Like many smaller firms, we had our servers in a closet, although we had pretty good capabilities, it’s difficult to maintain the equipment and have good security. Moving to the Cloud offers advantages of not having to maintain that equipment and have someone be physically present, which has been particularly helpful in the pandemic times, but would be helpful any time.

It’s surprising to me how much needs to go in to making the transition, and the team that accomplished this at Afinety, was terrific to work with. We have terrific support that’s available to us. We didn’t make the switch because of the pandemic, but we really benefited from being on that system at that point, where all of a sudden everybody was remote and the system works. It was very smooth, people were able to pick up and continue. We were well-informed, and definitely in the loop but we did not have downtime. Our remote capabilities are enhanced. Being anywhere is really the same experience as being in the office.

I would certainly recommend Afinety to any law firm. Very user-friendly, available, responsive. It’s really been a terrific thing to know this is all being taken care of at such an expert level.